Why are Pool/Spa Inspections Important?


Spa and pool inspections are a great way to make sure that you are safe when using them. Especially in Florida. 

It is hard to tell if it is actually in working order when just looking at it. And if you are purchasing a home that has a pool or spa, you’ll want to make sure that it is working. 

Here are some reasons why pool and spa inspections are important. 

Pool Inspections Cost

Pools and spas are expensive to maintain, and they are even more expensive to repair. 

If you purchase a home that has a pool or spa, and then find out after moving in that it needs maintenance, this can be a large added cost that is unexpected

However, if you get spa or pool inspections before purchasing the home (in conjunction with a traditional home inspection), you can avoid this added cost. 

The way that you can avoid pool inspections cost is simple. 

  • Once you get pool/spa inspection and your inspector finds that the pool/spa has damage and needs to be repaired, you can find out how much this will cost to repair. 
  • This information can be used to negotiate a lower sale price of the home to cover the amount it will cost you to fix it when you move in 
  • The inspection report can also be used as proof of damage and you can have the seller fix it before you move in. 
  • Additionally, if the pool or spa is severely damaged and this is one of the key selling points of the home for you, then you might choose to forego the purchase of the property and keep looking at other options. 

Although a pool/spa inspection is an additional cost to the already expensive price of purchasing a home, it is a small price to pay compared to the cost to fix it. Therefore an inspection can save you thousands of dollars that would come out of your pocket. 

Pool Inspections Safety 

Safety is the number one reason to get pool inspections. 

Pools and spas contain water – of course – but they also have electrical wiring and systems that are used to filter the water, heat up the water, etc. Because of this, pools and spas can be very dangerous if they are not functioning properly, since water is a conductor of electricity. 

A pool/spa inspection will ensure that the area is safe both inside of the pool or spa – and on the exterior of the surrounding area. 

Even if the pool/spa inspection finds that everything is working properly and that it is safe to use, this will give you peace of mind that you and your family can enjoy the pool or spa for years to come without worrying about the integrity of the pool/spa!