What to Expect From a Home Inspection: Before, During, and After

what to expect from a home inspection

As the premier Central Florida home inspection company, we find it essential to make sure our clients are prepared and know what to expect from a home inspection.

We’re going to break down each phase of the home inspection process, and how you can prepare as a home-buyer to make smart decisions.

What To Expect From a Home Inspection – Before

When you call us, we’ll ask you questions about your situation: Are you coming from out of state? Another city in Florida? How soon do you need this inspection done?

From there we get into what is actually covered in a typical Florida home inspection – and this is important. Many homeowners don’t actually know what home inspectors do. This can lead to disappointment or misalignment of expectations, which we want to prevent.

When you initially viewed the home, you may have seen a potential issue or two. This is great information for us as home inspectors! We will make sure to spend time on examining your areas of concern.

And finally, in our initial conversation, we’ll discuss other types of inspections that may be necessary or advised in Central Florida – 4-point inspections, Wind Mitigation, Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspections, and Septic Inspections.

COVID Specific Considerations

We always encourage our clients and agents to be at the inspection. However, in the current environment, we are discouraging it at this time. We also understand how stressful a home purchase is, so if you really feel the need to be there, it’s okay — we just require practicing social distancing and properly wearing masks at all times. We’ll even bring the sanitizer and shoe-booties!

During the Home Inspection

In non-COVID times, we’d meet outside prior to the inspection and talk about any areas of concern you’d want us to check.

Since inspecting an entire home can take hours, we ask that you try to hold your questions and observations until the end so we can get through the whole home and focus on not missing anything! Questions are absolutely welcomed once we are wrapping up.

If you want an in-depth look at what is covered on our checklist, check out this article.

Afterward, we’ll do a recap with you and your agent to discuss any major items you should be aware of. This could help with negotiations. We also make sure to reiterate what’s in the agreement – what we inspect and don’t inspect (to review, cosmetic items like paint, baseboards, etc.).

What To Expect From a Home Inspection – After

Once the report is prepared (approx. 24-hours), we’ll email it to you with instructions on any insurance inspections you had done.

Any great home inspector will also let you know this: We are here with any questions you have after the inspection. This is part of what you pay for! Our service is not just limited to our time together at the home.

Now if you’re thinking, “that’s great but how do I read my home inspection report”? Perfect! Here is an article on tips when reading your report.