Introducing the Crawlbot


Home inspectors nerd out to all kinds of things the average person could care less about.

But this one is pretty cool.

What the heck is that thing?

It’s what’s known as a “crawlbot;” A robot that’s equipped with cameras, meant to inspect tight spaces – most notably crawlspaces!

You may think home inspectors love crawling under homes – spoiler alert, we don’t 🙂

They are dark, hard to navigate and even tougher to get high-quality images so you can know what’s under your future home.

The Benefit to You

As much as we love our toys, they need to provide value to our clients.

Crawlbots make sure that we don’t miss the cracks and crevices that can pose some of the most crucial issues in homes. Crawlspaces are out of sight. They don’t get examined often. So it makes this exact type of imagery even more important.

Our eyes can only see so much and our bodies can only fit in so many places. A crawlbot ensures that you, the homeowner, doesn’t have an impending disaster looming under your home.

If You’re a Nerd Like Us…

Here are some fun specs of this thing!

  • Dimensions: 12.5″Long X 9.5″Wide X 7.25″ High
  • Capacity: Handles 5lbs. of additional payload in most terrains
  • Speed: Up to 85 fpm
  • Weight: The total weight of this robot configuration is ~8lbs (9lbs including DeWalt Battery)
  • Assembly: Fully assembled, tested, and ready to go!
  • RunTime: 2 hours of operation depending on use