How A Home Inspection Can Help When Selling Your Home

A home inspection is usually one of the final stamps in the path to selling a house. Here in Lakeland, FL, buyers traditionally put in offers to purchase a home, but almost every one of those offers will likely be contingent on the results of a home inspection. Most often, the responsibility for arranging and paying for this home inspection lies with the homebuyers. However, a home inspection can also give a home seller great information that is useful in making a fast, competitive sale. 

Let Us Explain

Recent trends have seen some buyers submitting offers that entirely waive the home inspection contingency. This is primarily because the current housing market has been historically competitive, and buyers may begin acting from a place of desperation. We truly do understand the concern and powerful emotions behind this. However, most experts still do not recommend that buyers waive their inspection, and neither do we. Logic should take precedence here. Unfortunately, we expect this trend will likely continue to happen for the foreseeable future. 

As a seller, you may actually relish the idea of buyers waiving their home inspection. Surely it’s a natural instinct, but we recommend some pause and reflection. Put simply, home inspections reveal defects with the dwelling. When homebuyers waive their home inspection, there is a higher chance that expensive repairs or even dangerous conditions may not be discovered until it’s too late. That can be a risk for both buyers and sellers. 

It is the prepared seller who is equipped with a recent, independent home inspection report that can help assuage some of these fears. If you want to make repairs to your property before listing it to sell, this home inspection report can also help tell you where to start. Even if you are not looking to repair issues, at least knowing them – and then researching how much they cost to fix – can give you an edge in future negotiations. This is good for everyone, and can help sellers make a faster, more competitive sale.

Avoid Surprises

A home inspection is an opportunity to uncover any defects at the home. A home inspector has a long list of things to check to ensure there are no issues. The professional will examine the home exterior and interior, and provide a written report showing the findings. For a seller, this makes you aware of any issues that need to be fixed prior to selling the house, and you can avoid any surprises that may arise in the buyers inspection process. 

You Have Options

If issues are found during the inspection, you can choose to make any necessary repairs on your own schedule or you can disclose them upfront to the buyer. If you choose to disclose the issues, this can help prevent the buyer from demanding you make the repairs later.

Compare Reports

Thankfully, the traditional approach isn’t going away either. Most buyers will still have their own inspection performed during the buying process. When sellers choose to do their own home inspection before selling, they may be able to compare their inspection report to that of the buyer. While the inspection reports will likely not be an exact match, it’s a good idea to look for any major differences that could end up costing you big.

Contact Whitt Inspections, LLC to Schedule Your Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection before listing your house for sale can save you time, money, and hassle during the selling process – no matter the competitive market trends. It can also help speed up the buying process and make for a smoother transaction. At Whitt Inspections, LLC, we proudly offer professional inspection services and will deliver an unbiased home inspection report that helps prepare everyone for success.

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